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8/5/23 Bald Mountain Trip

Brent L

New member
Hi all,
Sorry for the short notice but a few of us may head up to Bald tomorrow morning and wanted to see if anyone else was interested? It would be an early start so that we can be home at a decent time. Please comment if interested and we’ll hash out the details 🤘
I’m going to put this in the Cen Cal Bronco Facebook as well.
Thanks for posting @Brent L.

I’ll be sure to have everything packed tonight. I’m excited to see how the new exhaust behaves off-road.
Some shots from yesterday’s Bald Mt. run.
We had a great day with friends and only lost one OEM CV, luckily enough they have RCVs on the way.

Great day as usual


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Honestly, it’s not really much going down since your tires are dry. It’s the going up with wet tires after having just crossed the creek that makes it a bit more challenging. The rest of the route is fairly straightforward save for a few smaller obstacles, some of which are avoidable, but it goes through some cool sections of forest. We’ll have to check it out next time.